Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So this isn't a post about makeup, and the only artist featured would probably be the designer.  This is an I hope I win this bag type of post.  I'm a lover of fashion blogs.  More specifically daily style blogs.
One of the recent blogs i've found is Fashion Chalet.  They are having an AMAZING giveaway (that's international--in case you wanted to know!)  Giving away a stunning Balenciaga bag THAT I NEED, that would really come in handy!
The contest is almost over so here's a link if you'd like to enter

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Remember when "the holidays" were too far to think about? Seeing red and green decorations in the store before Thanksgiving was absolutely ridiculous, and those who announced that they've already gotten half way through their gift lists were just a bit too peppy for you?  Well, In just a few days children will be ripping into the colorful packages that have been taunting them for weeks, and the "The receipt's in the box" songs will commence.  It's Christmas! *enter sounds of jingling bells*

I've got a great gift idea for all you last minute-ers,  Give the gift of art!--
www: That's a great gift idea Nicole!
me: Yes, that's what I said it would be
www: but how can I find a great artist?
me: I'm so glad you asked World Wide Web--*enter, KELLY GRACE*

Photo by: Creative Coordinates
Makeup by: NAH makeup

I met KELLY GRACE in elementary school, long ago (never you mind how long!), and we lost touch after she changed schools.  We re-connected about a year or two ago via good ol' Facebook!  I came to find out that she now makes her living as an artist, and anyone who can make a living through their art, I have GREAT admiration for.  She describes herself as an "art hermit".  "She uses painting as her way if interpreting and sharing with the world, the beauty that she sees on a daily basis"-(from her bio)
Check out her paintings, and prints here.  Also, to duplicate her Hollywood style coif, she has some hair tutorials here

Photo by: Creative Coordinates
Makeup by: NAH makeup

KELLY'S signature color is Teal, so I went with it, and orange tones to go with her porcelain skin and fantastic red hair color.

Eyes: Aquadisiac eyeshadow (all over lids)
         Cork eyeshadow (crease)
         Embark eyeshadow (as liner)
         Brule eyeshadow (brow highlight

Cheeks: Peaches sheer tone blush

Lips: Spice lipliner
        Richer Lusher cream sheen glass

This photoshoot was in the summer.  To make this look winter/holiday friendly,  here are my suggestions:
Eyes: Humid eyeshadow (used just around the eyes if you find it too bright), Cheeks: Ginger or Raizin (for darker skin tone) blush, Lips: Costa Chic lipstick (for a pop of brick)

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today, we have lost a great artist.  I found out on my fb feed earlier this afternoon.  It hit me hard, and I find myself extremely saddened by the news, and I don't quite understand my own reaction.  After all she was just another drugged up Hollywood singer right?

I was first introduced to AMY WINEHOUSE by my co-worker Mike about 9 years ago, way before she hit North America.  We played her album repeatedly during our shifts. We commented on the richness of her voice, and the bitterness of her lyrics.  But that's all we knew, her voice and her song. I didn't even know what she looked like, I just knew that, with a voice like that, she was destined to be a musical great.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago.  I watched in amazed horror (and I admit a little judgmental disgust) as she performed stumbled around on a stage in a daze, blatantly displaying the drug addicted behavior she has become known famous for.  I then became sad.  Sad because it was clear that she was being swallowed up by her own addiction, and sad because no one was stopping the show.  It felt as if we were all sitting back to a live show of self destruction.

AMY you're gone way too soon.  And although the drama-hungry-media will undoubtedly put your illness on display, I will remember you fondly as the tiny British girl with the powerhouse voice.  And though you may not have realized it, your gift was inspiring.


Thursday, July 07, 2011


So our Tuesday was going great so far.  My "non model" Caitlin turned it out, like a pro.........

Caitlen, working it!  This awesome photo was taken by Craig Doyle Henry co-photographer/husband/ride, headed off to work, and after one final shot with the designer, Caitlin went off to school..................

Desiree and Caitlin, before I "did her up!" it was just me and Desiree, and it was time to turn my brushes and lens on the woman of the blog-hour.

Desiree Marshall is the genius behind the genius that is AFRODELIK DESIGN, a creative line of hand drawn (by Desiree herself!) sketches, character and celebrity faces.  In her art, you can see strong influences of the stylin' 70's and African art.  She says: "as a teenager I had a dream that I was sent to Afro City, where everything was smooth and funky.  Our designs are inspired by the essence of out soul brothas' and sistas', and our ancestors from Africa.  Through their guidance and influence, designs are born".  

The company is more popularly know for their funky t's, but most recently, Desiree has decided to pull out her inner fashionista, and designed her first evening dress for the line!  She was shy but eager to show it off herself!

she started out a little nervous...

...and it took a minute to get into it....
...but she got into it!

awww yeeahh!'s a closer look at some of the great details...........

Desiree, my new friend, you've got something beautiful going on!  Thank you for letting me share! I had a fantastic day before yesterday! :-)

So there it is BEAUTY AND THE ARTS family!  You're the very first to lay eyes on this new project.  For those of you who will be in the Toronto area this weekend (Saturday July 9, Sunday July 10 2011), AFRODELIK will have a booth where you can BUY THIS DRESS!!!, along with her funky t's, jewellery, and some other new goodies you'll love! --GUYS!! No need to feel left out, cuz AFRODELIK has something new and fancy for you too--but you'll have to check it out at the booth!  All I'll say is that it will be nice to see the return of the "gentlemen"..........hmmmm? 
Make sure you check the website WWW.AFRODELIK.COM

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


So it's been a while since I've been here, but I've been doing some fun and creative stuff that I'm excited to share with you all!  Let's start with the latest.

YESTERDAY, I had a blast doing makeup, hair and TAKING PHOTOS (yeah that's right) to introduce a new design by AFRODELIK DESIGN, a funky hand drawn collection of art for clothing and jewellery--which if you are in Toronto this weekend, you'll be able to get your hands on at AfroFest.--more on that later.  Back to yesterday! Last month I had offered AFRODELIK's designer and founder, Desiree Marshall, a blog feature  to introduce the newest design, And as soon as it was available and in hand, I got the call.  It all happened so fast-about 3 days to be exact.

First, we needed a model:  On Sunday night, I was out with a girlfriend celebrating her birthday.  We had drinks downtown.  Our waitress was friendly, efficient and stunning!--Model-check!

Then, what about an affordable photographer?:  My husband and I recently invested in a great camera.  I took photography in school, and he studied camera operation --photos-check!  And here we go!

**disclaimer** Neither me or my hubby are professional photographers. And p.s no touch-ups!  So please excuse a little shine! lol **

  Our host Desiree, made us some yummy snacks:  hummus (from scratch), rosemary pita chips (homemade!) and the most delicious olives stuffed with garlic (president's choice--who else!)

We jammed to the tunes of Erykah Badu and some old skool Aretha Franklin

So as I mentioned, our model wasn't a "model".  Her name is Caitlin Phillips, she's a part time waitress, and a full time York U student studying Enviornmental Sciences.  I noticed her because she was just so darn cool!  She had long wild strawberry blond hair, hippie chic attituded, and the cutest chin dimple!  When I asked her if she modeled, she responded "nah!  I love my fork too much!"-- so rock n' roll! I had to have her!

         Hair/Makeup by: Nicole A. Henry, Photos by: Nicole A. Henry/Craig Doyle Henry, Dress by: Afrodelik Design.

Not a model?  Hmmmmm!  These were the first shots of the day.  Not bad (if i do say so myself! ha!)  So there's a peek at the newest AFRODELIK design.  More popularly know for the T-shirts, Desiree wanted to try her hand at something a little more chic, with a twist!  I love it!  The material is bamboo which makes it soft and flowy, the style is so flattering for so many different body types, and her hand drawn design on the front is the perfect amount of funk for an evening out!

Let's continue:

Time to change it up a bit!  I think Caitlin's in her element!  Now she's free!!

There's the rock star!  Thanks Caitlin, you were awesome!

If you are looking for a makeup artist for your photo shoot, contact me!

Check back tomorrow on BEAUTY AND THE ARTS for an exclusive feature and photos of the divine Desiree Marshall, creative genius behind AFRODELIK DESIGN

Friday, May 27, 2011


photo by: creative coordinates
makeup by: NAH makeup

I love doing a smokey eye.  It was the perfect look for this bombshell!  LORI NUIC was the perfect palette for this look.  A sexy smoky eye, defined cheek bones and a soft nude lip.  Classic.  

PRODUCTS (all MAC products)
Eyes: graphito paint (all over the lid and crease)                                                                                                   carbon eyeshadow (outer corner)                                                                                            shroom eyeshadow (brow highlight)                                                                 Cheeks: golden bronzing powder (contour)
             blushbaby powder blush                                                                          
                                                                                       Lips: hug me lustre lipstick
                                                                                               oyster girl tinted lipglass

07 Something's Gotta Give

photo by: creative coordinates
makeup by: NAH makeup
She's not just a lovely face, she's a voice.  And as I discovered during our photo shoot, she's also a pleasant and funny personality.  LORI NUIC is so far the first artist featured on Beauty and the Arts, that I had never personally met before.  My only encounter with her, was when I saw her on stage as the opening act for a friend's showcase.  She performed with her brother and was a lot of what I really love about live music and discovering new talent, and I immediately added her to my mental list of artists to use for the blog.  Not that LORI is "new talent"!  Actually she's world wide.  I was taken a bit aback when reading her resume!

LORI is definitely making a name for herself, and if you think you've never heard her before, you will soon.  Her debut CD 'Red Book Chronicles', has taken her to stages in South America, the UK and the Dubai Jazz Festival.  She has also opened for Simply Red and Arrested Development (just to name two).  LORI NUIC is currently working on her soon to be completed second album.  Be sure to check her out at

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THE DEFINITION (part 1): Abena Malika

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup

I knew exactly what I would be doing with ABENA's makeup even before our photoshoot!  She has the most beautiful skin a woman could have.  Its the perfect shade of chocolate and  flawless.  I knew that this would be the focus.  I used a foundation from MAC called HyperReal.  Its a perfect summer foundation with light to medium coverage.  The nicest thing about it is its reflectors that highlight the skin beautifully.

PRODUCTS (all MAC products)
Skin: NC700 hyperreal liquid foundation
Eyes: hyperreal used all over lids using a stiff bristled brush
         beaded eyeshadow (under brows and inner eye corner)
         embark eyeshadow (outer crease, lightly blended inward)
         ebony pencil eyeliner (top and bottom lash line)
Cheeks: reed powder blush
Lips: hyperreal foundation evening out the lips, 
        c-thru tinted lipglass

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
ABENA MALIKA is for me the definition of Beauty and the Arts--gorgeous and gifted!  She's another one of those people who I have no memory of meeting.  I have no idea how I know her, but I sure am glad that I do, she just exudes lovely!  As someone who LOVES theater and music (especially when the two come together!), I am such an admirer of  her body of work.    

I had the great pleasure last week of seeing ABENA on stage for the opening of the play '(re)birth E.E. Cummings in Song'.  Now, I knew that she was talented, but OMG! There were no "leads" in this play, she was part of a chorus, but of course she stood out!  During part of the play, I looked up and there she was playing the upright bass, at another point, she walked onto the stage with an accordion in hand.  I thought, -'of course this is just a prop'- and then she starts playing.  And of course she  sang!  .   I enjoyed myself immensely.
Some more of ABENA's theater credits include: 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream', 'Mamma Mia', and 'The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God'.  She received a 2007 NAACP Theatre award for her performance in 'Da Kink in My Hair' and a Dora nomination in 2008, for 'A Raisin In the Sun' in her role as Ruth Younger.  
Currently, ABENA is working on a solo project which should be out this summer.  Check back here for part two of ABENA MALIKA.