Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Remember when "the holidays" were too far to think about? Seeing red and green decorations in the store before Thanksgiving was absolutely ridiculous, and those who announced that they've already gotten half way through their gift lists were just a bit too peppy for you?  Well, In just a few days children will be ripping into the colorful packages that have been taunting them for weeks, and the "The receipt's in the box" songs will commence.  It's Christmas! *enter sounds of jingling bells*

I've got a great gift idea for all you last minute-ers,  Give the gift of art!--
www: That's a great gift idea Nicole!
me: Yes, that's what I said it would be
www: but how can I find a great artist?
me: I'm so glad you asked World Wide Web--*enter, KELLY GRACE*

Photo by: Creative Coordinates
Makeup by: NAH makeup

I met KELLY GRACE in elementary school, long ago (never you mind how long!), and we lost touch after she changed schools.  We re-connected about a year or two ago via good ol' Facebook!  I came to find out that she now makes her living as an artist, and anyone who can make a living through their art, I have GREAT admiration for.  She describes herself as an "art hermit".  "She uses painting as her way if interpreting and sharing with the world, the beauty that she sees on a daily basis"-(from her bio)
Check out her paintings, and prints here.  Also, to duplicate her Hollywood style coif, she has some hair tutorials here

Photo by: Creative Coordinates
Makeup by: NAH makeup

KELLY'S signature color is Teal, so I went with it, and orange tones to go with her porcelain skin and fantastic red hair color.

Eyes: Aquadisiac eyeshadow (all over lids)
         Cork eyeshadow (crease)
         Embark eyeshadow (as liner)
         Brule eyeshadow (brow highlight

Cheeks: Peaches sheer tone blush

Lips: Spice lipliner
        Richer Lusher cream sheen glass

This photoshoot was in the summer.  To make this look winter/holiday friendly,  here are my suggestions:
Eyes: Humid eyeshadow (used just around the eyes if you find it too bright), Cheeks: Ginger or Raizin (for darker skin tone) blush, Lips: Costa Chic lipstick (for a pop of brick)

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