Sunday, April 17, 2011

LONG ROAD: Natasha Waterman

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
You know when you know someone but you don't quite know how?  You've met them someplace or someone introduced you that time, but you just can't pinpoint the what, where, when or who?  Well, this is the case with NATASHA WATERMAN and although I don't recall the details of our meeting, I do have one specific memory of her; the first time I heard her sing.  I was completely enamored by her voice, her presence and just her overall loveliness.
So, fast forward from way back then, to now.  NATASHA has a new sound and a new album called Long Road that I absolutely love.  I'll call the sound, folk/rock soul.  I just love the stripped acoustic sound of music, expressing the real raw gifting of a true artist.  Along with stunning vocals, NATASHA displays her songwriting skills.  As a matter of fact 5 of her songs landed on 2 of the Canadian Idol's albums, one of which went double platinum.  Here's a taste of one of my faves from the album
Deep Water 
You definately want to check her out!

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
Of course I've wanted to do NATASHA's makeup for so long now.  Not only because I'm such an admirer of hers as an artist, but also because--well, look at her!  She's gorgeous!  
I went with a purple smokey eye.  Typically when you think of a "smokey" look, you think black, grey or sometimes dark brown.  Using a purple shade is a great way to add some color to the look and brightens up an otherwise dark look.  Rimming the eye with a dark khol keeps the look sultry. I kept the focus on the eyes so I wanted everything else soft.  Subtle bronzer contours her cheeks and a soft nude lipstick with a hint of gold to compliment the highlighting under her brows.

PRODUCTS (all products are MAC)
Eyes: parfait amour eyeshadow (all over the lid, crease and    lower lash line)
         purple haze eyeshadow (outer corner/crease)
         carbon eyeshadow (eye liner)
         smolder eye khol pencil (upper and lower water line)
         vanilla pigment (brow highlight, inner corner/lid)
Cheeks: bronze bronzing powder (as a contour)
Lips: honeyflower lustre lipstick

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  1. Loving your posts Nicole!! You're right - she is absolutely stunning and I loved the colour choices you used on her!