Monday, April 25, 2011

PRETTY IN PINK: Lisa Michelle

photo by: Creative Coordinates Photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
If you haven't yet experienced the beautiful sensation that is LISA MICHELLE, you've probably not been paying close attention!  She is definately an up and comer, and since I met her back in September last year, I now see her everywhere.  We first met as a fluke. My husband and I went to a rehearsal for an upcoming show, and she was rehearsing ahead of us for the same show.  My first thought of LISA was, 'what a pretty lady!', and then she sang--I was pleasantly impressed!  She sang two covers, one by Cee Lo and the next K-Os (not an easy feat for a female singer to sing songs by men) and I loved her interpretation of both.
In chatting with her, she mentioned that she is relatively new to performing, that she decided not too long ago to pursue singing as a profession.  You would never know/believe it to watch her though.  There is such an ease to her performance style that suggests the stage has been her home for years.  Watching her live is absolutely delightful!
LISA MICHELLE is not only an amazing "cover girl",  she has recently released two EPs,  Love Lessons, and Rebound.  Make sure you check her out!, and whenever you're in the Toronto area, find out where she'll be.  Definately a great live experience!

photo by: Creative Coordinates Photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
As I mentioned, the first thing I noticed about LISA is how pretty she is.  And what is the prettiest color that goes with the prettiest girl?  Pink of course!  
I started with a pink fuschia, then highlighted her cheeks in a soft neutral pink blush and then finished off her lips in.......You guessed it!

Eyes: fuschia pigment (pressed all over lid and bottom lash line)
         carbon eyeshadow (outer corner and bottom lash line-when mixed with the pigment, gives off a purple hue)
         blacktrack fluidline (thin line swept along the lash line)
         shroom eyeshadow (brow highlight)
Cheeks: blushbaby powder blush
             pink opal pigment (light highlight along the cheek)
Lips: hug me lustre lipstick


  1. Her voice is as ~Beautiful~ as her soul xo. Sylvie

  2. Lisa is amazing and very beautiful indeed :)
    Glad I saw this post on facebook.

    Meghan Morrison