Wednesday, July 06, 2011


So it's been a while since I've been here, but I've been doing some fun and creative stuff that I'm excited to share with you all!  Let's start with the latest.

YESTERDAY, I had a blast doing makeup, hair and TAKING PHOTOS (yeah that's right) to introduce a new design by AFRODELIK DESIGN, a funky hand drawn collection of art for clothing and jewellery--which if you are in Toronto this weekend, you'll be able to get your hands on at AfroFest.--more on that later.  Back to yesterday! Last month I had offered AFRODELIK's designer and founder, Desiree Marshall, a blog feature  to introduce the newest design, And as soon as it was available and in hand, I got the call.  It all happened so fast-about 3 days to be exact.

First, we needed a model:  On Sunday night, I was out with a girlfriend celebrating her birthday.  We had drinks downtown.  Our waitress was friendly, efficient and stunning!--Model-check!

Then, what about an affordable photographer?:  My husband and I recently invested in a great camera.  I took photography in school, and he studied camera operation --photos-check!  And here we go!

**disclaimer** Neither me or my hubby are professional photographers. And p.s no touch-ups!  So please excuse a little shine! lol **

  Our host Desiree, made us some yummy snacks:  hummus (from scratch), rosemary pita chips (homemade!) and the most delicious olives stuffed with garlic (president's choice--who else!)

We jammed to the tunes of Erykah Badu and some old skool Aretha Franklin

So as I mentioned, our model wasn't a "model".  Her name is Caitlin Phillips, she's a part time waitress, and a full time York U student studying Enviornmental Sciences.  I noticed her because she was just so darn cool!  She had long wild strawberry blond hair, hippie chic attituded, and the cutest chin dimple!  When I asked her if she modeled, she responded "nah!  I love my fork too much!"-- so rock n' roll! I had to have her!

         Hair/Makeup by: Nicole A. Henry, Photos by: Nicole A. Henry/Craig Doyle Henry, Dress by: Afrodelik Design.

Not a model?  Hmmmmm!  These were the first shots of the day.  Not bad (if i do say so myself! ha!)  So there's a peek at the newest AFRODELIK design.  More popularly know for the T-shirts, Desiree wanted to try her hand at something a little more chic, with a twist!  I love it!  The material is bamboo which makes it soft and flowy, the style is so flattering for so many different body types, and her hand drawn design on the front is the perfect amount of funk for an evening out!

Let's continue:

Time to change it up a bit!  I think Caitlin's in her element!  Now she's free!!

There's the rock star!  Thanks Caitlin, you were awesome!

If you are looking for a makeup artist for your photo shoot, contact me!

Check back tomorrow on BEAUTY AND THE ARTS for an exclusive feature and photos of the divine Desiree Marshall, creative genius behind AFRODELIK DESIGN

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