Friday, May 27, 2011


photo by: creative coordinates
makeup by: NAH makeup

I love doing a smokey eye.  It was the perfect look for this bombshell!  LORI NUIC was the perfect palette for this look.  A sexy smoky eye, defined cheek bones and a soft nude lip.  Classic.  

PRODUCTS (all MAC products)
Eyes: graphito paint (all over the lid and crease)                                                                                                   carbon eyeshadow (outer corner)                                                                                            shroom eyeshadow (brow highlight)                                                                 Cheeks: golden bronzing powder (contour)
             blushbaby powder blush                                                                          
                                                                                       Lips: hug me lustre lipstick
                                                                                               oyster girl tinted lipglass

07 Something's Gotta Give

photo by: creative coordinates
makeup by: NAH makeup
She's not just a lovely face, she's a voice.  And as I discovered during our photo shoot, she's also a pleasant and funny personality.  LORI NUIC is so far the first artist featured on Beauty and the Arts, that I had never personally met before.  My only encounter with her, was when I saw her on stage as the opening act for a friend's showcase.  She performed with her brother and was a lot of what I really love about live music and discovering new talent, and I immediately added her to my mental list of artists to use for the blog.  Not that LORI is "new talent"!  Actually she's world wide.  I was taken a bit aback when reading her resume!

LORI is definitely making a name for herself, and if you think you've never heard her before, you will soon.  Her debut CD 'Red Book Chronicles', has taken her to stages in South America, the UK and the Dubai Jazz Festival.  She has also opened for Simply Red and Arrested Development (just to name two).  LORI NUIC is currently working on her soon to be completed second album.  Be sure to check her out at


  1. Stunning as usual Nicole! You are makeup artists to the musicians! love it!

  2. I never thought it possible to Lori even more gorgeous. That makes you an artist extraordinaire.