Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THE DEFINITION (part 1): Abena Malika

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup

I knew exactly what I would be doing with ABENA's makeup even before our photoshoot!  She has the most beautiful skin a woman could have.  Its the perfect shade of chocolate and  flawless.  I knew that this would be the focus.  I used a foundation from MAC called HyperReal.  Its a perfect summer foundation with light to medium coverage.  The nicest thing about it is its reflectors that highlight the skin beautifully.

PRODUCTS (all MAC products)
Skin: NC700 hyperreal liquid foundation
Eyes: hyperreal used all over lids using a stiff bristled brush
         beaded eyeshadow (under brows and inner eye corner)
         embark eyeshadow (outer crease, lightly blended inward)
         ebony pencil eyeliner (top and bottom lash line)
Cheeks: reed powder blush
Lips: hyperreal foundation evening out the lips, 
        c-thru tinted lipglass

photo by: creative coordinates photography
makeup by: NAH makeup
ABENA MALIKA is for me the definition of Beauty and the Arts--gorgeous and gifted!  She's another one of those people who I have no memory of meeting.  I have no idea how I know her, but I sure am glad that I do, she just exudes lovely!  As someone who LOVES theater and music (especially when the two come together!), I am such an admirer of  her body of work.    

I had the great pleasure last week of seeing ABENA on stage for the opening of the play '(re)birth E.E. Cummings in Song'.  Now, I knew that she was talented, but OMG! There were no "leads" in this play, she was part of a chorus, but of course she stood out!  During part of the play, I looked up and there she was playing the upright bass, at another point, she walked onto the stage with an accordion in hand.  I thought, -'of course this is just a prop'- and then she starts playing.  And of course she  sang!  .   I enjoyed myself immensely.
Some more of ABENA's theater credits include: 'A Mid Summer Night's Dream', 'Mamma Mia', and 'The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God'.  She received a 2007 NAACP Theatre award for her performance in 'Da Kink in My Hair' and a Dora nomination in 2008, for 'A Raisin In the Sun' in her role as Ruth Younger.  
Currently, ABENA is working on a solo project which should be out this summer.  Check back here for part two of ABENA MALIKA.

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